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5 Key Tips in Using Cheap Stock Photos

Are you looking for amazing stock images that won’t hurt your budget? Searching for cheap stock photos can be a challenging task, especially if you don’t know what you are looking for. That’s why we always recommend having a criteria. Ask you designer for the list of attributes your images should have to make the design process easier and to ensure great quality. Aside from defining your criteria, here are other hey tips in using stock photos:

  • Know where to look. The internet is filled with cheap stock photos. You can get them for free in search engines or pay a small amount at stock sites. Free stuff can be tempting, but they are not without strings. You can be facing financial and reputation damages down the road. To protect yourself from copyright issues, shed a few bucks.
  • Get the right size and license. Cheap stock photos are not bought; they are licensed. This means you will have a few limitations. To make you get the most of your images, check the licensing options. They also come in different sizes. Work out what size you need in order to avoid being charged for what you don’t need.
  • Don’t settle. You may think that you already found what you are looking for in the first pages, but don’t be afraid to search deeper. You may find the best fit for you creative needs down there.
  • Use lightboxes. Some stock sites feature lightboxes, which is a shortlist of images you can save. Use this tool to save and review images you find. Then, select which cheap stock photos fits best with your creative needs.
  • Edit your image. You can edit your image in many ways. You can use your own photo editor. Some stock also features their own stock editor tool.

By following these 5 key tips, find cheap stock photos for your creative projects can become easier, faster and more efficient. What are you waiting for? Visit a stock photo site and try out these tips!