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Should You Add a WordPress Photo to your Articles?

If you write articles for an online magazine or newspaper, the answer is Yes. A wordpress photo makes an article more vivid and contributes to the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your article. When you optimize an image, you reduce the download size by compressing it. A well-optimized photo has the right alt text and name.

A wordpress photo, when added with consideration, can make your article better. Your readers will understand it better. Instead of using over 1,000 dull words, you can illustrate what you mean with a data flow diagram or chart. You can also make your social media more enticing with the right images. Adding a photo is a simple recommendation that makes your articles more appealing.

If you have the opportunity to add your own photo, please do so. For instance, your team page should need a picture of your team. Your article needs a wordpress photo that has the same subject. It should reflect the topic of the post and have illustrative purposes. An image that is surrounded by related text ranks better in search engines.

What if you don’t have images of your own?

If there is no way for you to use your own images, you can find unique images from wordpress photo plugins. PixelRockstar, for instance, delivers well-optimized, high quality images that can be inserted to your posts automatically. Over 4 million images are legally-safe for download, starting at $0.57. The images are yours to use forever, too.

PixelRockstar is known for its easy-o-use interface, legally safe images, best prices, and social media shareable images. It uses a Digital License, which is specifically designed for digital use. Unlike traditional image sources, online publishers will have fewer limitations. They can use the images in websites and social media – forever. You can download images of up to 2000 pixels in height and width. Visit PixelRockstar now!